Stars of The Negro Leagues - TNPM Baseball Card Set -SOLD OUT
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This limited edition boxed set of 35 trading cards highlights Stars of the Negro Leagues that shined the brightest while playing in the Caribbean. The set features new colorized images from the archives of The National Pastime Museum.

Designed and printed by PunkRockPaint, each set includes a custom, full-color, serial-numbered box and checklist card.

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Set Checklist:
1- Rube Foster
2- Pop Lloyd
3- Oscar Charleston
4- Boojum Wilson
5- Satchel Paige
6- Cool Papa Bell
7- Bombin Pedroso
8- Josh Gibson
9- Ray Dandridge
10- Bernardo Baro
11- Jose Fernandez
12- Julio Rojo
13- Alejandro Oms
14- Isidro Fabre
15- Bartolo Portuondo
16- Valentin Dreke
17- Martin Dihigo
18- Lazaro Salazar
19- Hooks Jimenez
20- Ramon Bragana
21- Tetelo Vargas
22- Jose Mendez
23- Joseito Munoz
24- Pelayo Chacon
25- Strique Gonzalez
26- Luis Tiant, Sr.
27- Rabbit Martinez
28- Hector Rodriguez
29- Pancho Coimbre
30- Silvio Garcia
31- El Mulo Padron
32- Minnie Minoso
33- Pedro Formental
34- Cristobal Torriente
35- Cocaina Garcia

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Stars of The Negro Leagues - TNPM Baseball Card Set -SOLD OUT

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