Preller: This Man T-shirt

This T-shirt honors a San Diego legend, while paying homage to the no-holds-barred off-season of A.J. Preller - rookie General Manager of the San Diego Padres.

Hanes Tagless 100% Cotton - INCLUDES SHIPPING


In the '90s, even if you never stopped in or drove by Velvet Touch Cleaners on Garnet Avenue in Pacific Beach, you most likely saw "The Face" on a T-Shirt around town. I certainly had one of the iconic shirts. The legendary visage even inspired Rocket From The Crypt’s song Velvet Touch with the refrain, "This man wants to clean your clothes."  

My family first got Padres season tickets in the mid-90s, so the era holds a special place in my heart. I’m sure more than a few of the Velvet Touch Cleaners T-shirts were seen at the Murph back in the day. Velvet Touch closed up shop not too long after the Padres' last trip to the World Series, but the memories remain.

This design combines a little San Diego history with what we all hope will be a historic baseball season in San Diego. 

Thanks for your interest,


VP of Design Propaganda

If you are so inclined, the ORIGINAL "This Man Wants To Clean Your Clothes" T-shirts are available again (from the family of "The Face!") You can get them here

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Preller: This Man T-shirt

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