Galactic Greats Set - SOLD OUT
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This set of thirty original art cards is only available direct from the studio of PunkRockPaint, and is not sold in stores! Combining the non-stop thrills of the classic space epic* with a fan’s passion for America’s pastime, this set was conceived a long time ago in a city far, far away from having the league’s best baseball team...

Each card front shows a custom created logo decal** for one of the 30 teams in the Far, Far Away League!

Each card back honors the stars that shined the brightest. The set includes thirty custom drawings and useful trivia!

Your order includes authentic "action figure" card back packaging. Shipping included!

This limited edition of 66 serial numbered sets includes a certificate of authenticity.


Note: Product will shipping will begin 3/16/16


*You know the movies...

** Sticker instructions included (Note: Requires cutting and tape or glue

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Galactic Greats Set - SOLD OUT

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